Find Out What Karamo Wishes He’d Done Differently as a Parent

Every parent makes mistakes.

And Queer Eye star Karamo‘s biggest parenting mistake applies to more than just child-rearing. On the Jan. 23 episode of E! News, the daytime talk show host admitted what he wishes he’d done differently when raising his two sons Jason, 26, and Christopher, 22.

“One of the things that I wish I would have done differently is not put my kids in a box,” Karamo exclusively told E! NewsAdrienne Bailon-Houghton

and Justin Sylvester. “One of my sons was the good one and the one that I didn’t have to worry about, and the other one was the one that I’m like, ‘Oh, I gotta worry about, I gotta watch out for.'”

As he went on to explain, “When we put anybody in a box, you don’t give them the chance to be their full, authentic self or you don’t see their full, authentic self, and that’s when we start missing things.”