Danny Fields spends his time explaining Iggy Pop his past

Punk rock midwife Danny Fields tells WM Leader that he now spends much of his time setting Iggy Pop straight on what happened in his own life.

Fields was at the center of the nascent punk rock scene and variously signed, managed or acted as a publicist for key acts including Iggy and the Stooges, the MC5, the Ramones and others.

Fields made an appearance at the Chelsea Hotel at an exhibition of his late pal Edie Sedgwick’s artwork, and when we asked him what he’s up to these days, he told us he’s often “setting the record straight.”

“It’s like, ‘Iggy, come here, I have to talk to you. That story you’ve telling when people ask you how you met David Bowie — Iggy, that’s not what happened,” Fields said. He added, “‘Listen, what happened was that you were staying at my house. You’re telling it wrong.” [He’ll say], ‘OK, so what happened? You know why I tell it? I don’t remember a f–king thing.”

The Ramones
Fields managed “Blitzkrieg Bop” band the Ramones.
Michael Ochs Archives

Fields said that Pop usually agrees to accept his version of events. He launched the punk legend’s career in 1968 when he convinced Elektra to sign his Michigan-based act.

Fields says that these days he tends to listen to the Grateful Dead, calling their unique jam concerts, “one of the great treasures of our lifetime.” He also says he plays Bach, Beethoven and Mozart records. So no punk?

The Grateful Dead
Fields says that he doesn’t listen to punk anymore, but digs the Grateful Dead.
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“I never listened to punk! Unless it was [British acts] the [Sex] Pistols or the Clash or the Buzzcocks. What do you look at when you listen to something? You want to be there. That was the whole thing. Being there. The audience was as much of a part of the experience as what’s on the stage. It was symbiotic.”


Also at the hotel bash were Sedgwick’s widower Michael Post and brother John Sedgwick, plus Spyros Niarchos, Janna Bullock, Michele Gerber Klein, Vincent Fremont, producer Jane Rosenthal, director Darren Aronofsky and designer Zac Posen.

Further guests spotted included Sophie, Taylor and Lizzy Plimpton, Tali Lennox, Laura Eastwood, Carolina Hoffman, Maia Twombly, Jay McInerney, Michael Henry Adams, David Margolick, Morgan Entrekin and the New School’s Anne Margaret Daniel.