‘Married to Medicine’ star Anila Sajja slams ‘disgusting’ burglary claims

Anila Sajja is slamming her “Married to Medicine” co-stars for suggesting that the terrifying invasion of her family’s “dream home” in December 2021 was “staged.”

The reality star, 43, exclusively told WM Leader in a new interview that it was “hurtful” to hear the reactions from some of her fellow Bravolebrities in a recent episode detailing the incident.

“I think it’s honestly so disgusting for people to say that,” Anila, who is married to Dr. Kiren Sajja, admitted. “I work, I have a hair business now, and my husband’s a facial plastic surgeon. We don’t need anything, we get our money the old-fashioned way.”

She added, “We’re not trying to take handouts or steal, that’s just not us. That’s not in our character.”

Although Anila, her husband and their two kids – Aryana, 7, and Avir, 5 – weren’t home when their house was broken into one week before Christmas last year, the reality star told us her children still have nightmares about it.

“It’s very, very hurtful for people to even say anything like that,” Anila continued, referencing suggestions that her family may have been involved in the burglary.

Anila Sajja with her family
The reality star’s family home was broken into in December 2021.

“Why would we want to traumatize our kids like that? Why would we shatter a glass door of our brand new home that we just built? For them to think that we would stage something like that … it’s just ridiculous.”

At the time of the robbery, Anila took to Instagram to tell fans that her family had been “robbed of our sense of security and valuables.”

She added, “Vandals broke into our home and removed irreplaceable items that have been passed down through generations; we feel so violated at this time.”

Anila addresses the home invasion
She issued a statement on her Instagram page following the scary incident.

Her co-stars later questioned whether someone within their friend group was involved in the robbery, namely Toya Bush-Harris, who butted heads with Anila.

However, Anila told us she wanted to apologize for insinuating that Toya, 46, had anything to do with the incident.

“I just want people to know that I was never accusing Toya of having anything to do with my robbery,” she said.


“There was just a lot of rumors going on around that time … she also had a party the day of my robbery, so there was so much stuff [going on},” she continued. “I just want to say that I’m sorry for insinuating that she had anything to do with it.”

As for the investigation, Anila told WM Leader it’s still ongoing, and that her family is still trying to recover.

Anila Sajja and her husband
The couple’s children are still traumatized by the incident, Anila revealed.

“When I walk around in my house, I still see the stain of the footprints of this person that was in my home,” she said.

“As many times as I can walk around and clean that floor, that stain is still there.”