Steph Curry’s Birthday Gift for Daughter Riley Is a Total 10 Out of 10

Riley Curry had the perfect present to kick off turning double digits.

Steph Curry surprised his eldest daughter with an epic birthday gift  in honor of her special day, which occurred on July 19.

In a video shared to Twitter Aug 5., the NBA star approaches Riley in the kitchen while a shoe box that says “Curry” on it sits on the counter. “How old are you?” Steph asks, to which she replies, “I’m 10.”

Steph then proceeds to tease, “You’re 10? You’re 10 already? You just turned 10 right? Oh, dope.” And after a cracking a laugh out of Riley, Steph invites her to open the box on the counter and “see what’s in there.”


The 10-year-old then opens the present to reveal a pair of black and pink sneakers from Steph’s Under Armour line. And it’s safe to say Riley’s a fan of the shoes. She gushes, “These are so cool.”

He captioned the moment, “It’s only right… Curry 10s for the 10 year old!! Happy Birthday Riley.”