Only Lee Min-Ho Can Make These 5 Hairstyles Look Sexy, Pictures Are Proof

You know we often come across a person who looks good in everything. We both envy and admire them. Our birthday boy Lee Min-ho is one such person. His frame, the confidence with which his carries himself, that charismatic, heart-stopping smile…he is just gorgeous! A man like that used to exist only in fairytales but Korean dramas can make anything happen. Min-ho has an amazing sense of style in real life. He keeps it casual most of the time but wears them so seamlessly that you wish you were that handsome. In fact, a few of the hairstyles that Min-ho has flaunted over years can only look sexy on him. We doubt if anybody else can recreate the same magic. Let’s tell you about five of them. Lee Min-ho’s Guide To Click Selfies: 5 Ways To Look Hot Without Trying (View Pics).

‘What’s on your head?’

Gu Jun-pyo is not one of his brightest characters. In fact, it’s borderline toxic. If that wasn’t enough, the makers gave him a conch hairstyle. We still don’t know what was the need for such a weird hairdo but Min-ho aced it like a pro. Even the actor isn’t too fond of it. During the promotions of his movie Gangnam 1970 few years back, he admitted that he would never do that hairdo again.


Lee Min-ho in Boys Over Flowers

Why hide your pretty face?

Now this is almost a crime. Why would anyone hide such a gorgeous face behind so much hair? Yes, he pulls it off really well because this man is an Adonis, but just why!

lee min ho city hunter

Lee Min-ho in City Hunter

A little too much

Faith is a period costume drama and he wore his hair long for the character, but is it required to have so many locks all around his face. Can’t even imagine running our fingers through them! Ahem…ahem!

240 Awesome Lee Minho Faith ideas | lee min ho, lee min ho faith, minho

Lee Min-ho in Faith

Saddled in the side-locks

Personal Taste is one of our favourite Min-ho dramas as it has just the right amount of humour, romance, emotions and a happy ending. But that hair on Min-ho….well could have been better. Just because it was him we drooled over him and the character. We understand he must have picked up the trend of that time, but those side locks…well!

Lee Min Ho in Personal Taste

Porcupine hairdo

Secret Campus is one of the lesser known dramas of the actor but once you watch it, you will realise why we have a problem with the hairdo. Only saviour was the moment the hairstyle would start getting distracted, Min-ho would either smile or be charming. That’s it! Who cared about the hair then! Lee Min-ho, Kim Soo-hyun, Ji Chang-wook – 5 K-drama Actors Obsessed With ‘No Caption’ Instagram Posts.

Lee Min-ho in Secret Campus

Now you all may not align with our views about Lee Min-ho’s hairstyles. We just feel that face doesn’t need hair to cover it all up! That fact is supposed to admired and loved!


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