Honsla Rakh Success Prediction Decoded by Navnedhi Waddhwa

Dr Navnedhi Waddhwa practices the belief in the divine and mystical relationship between a number and related coinciding events. 

Being awarded the Times Power Woman award, Dr Navnedhi Waddhwa is among the forty most influential women. She has an experienced approach in NLP, meditation, manifestation techniques, numerology, graphology (handwriting and signature analyst) Vastu, tarot reading, and energy healing that changes lives for the better and helps people to connect with their inner self of happiness.

With her selfless behaviour and rich experience, she has managed to help many during this tough time of the pandemic.

The sudden demise of Siddharth Shukla shook the Indians and what followed was deep concern for Shehnaz Gill after that. She was working on a project with Diljit Dosanjh called Honsla Rakh.

Dr Navnedhi Waddhwa with her success prediction for the movie finds the title (Movie name) to be apt with 7 digits. Her verdict is that this movie will touch the cord of heart along with a strong message of survival to its audience. It will be with sprinkles of comedy.

The movie is set to release on 15.10.21. The release date is the combination of the story highlighting a father and a child.

The Numeroscope of the movie as per Navnedhi is filled with promises to display multiple emotional facets and engaging delivery of the message. The audience will be glued and will have something to look forward to in each passing movie frame.

She also predicts that 15 is 1+5 which is 6, also known as Number of Laxmi, Number of Fame and Number for females. Thus this movie offers a prediction to do well at the box office in terms of money. Daljit Dosanjh is the producer, as he is also ruled by number 6 thus this movie will give him the fame, money and popularity the number 6 brings to its ruler.


Shehnaaz Gill will also receive multi-folds of love and affection from her fans that will make her the queen of hearts for a longer time.

Dr Navnedhi Waddhwa practices gratitude and firmly believes in its power. Navnedhi says, “Today, I have immense gratitude for everything that I have achieved and I stay rooted in gratitude by giving back to the society.” She initiated a free Meditation Marathon during the lockdown to help thousands of people cope with stress and anxiety. Along with this, she also runs the Annapoorti food drive to feed 11 people and feeds stray dogs every day.”

Dr Navnedhi Waddhwa’s aura reflects positivity, strength, and peace at one place. She helps connect to the inner voice as an established Meditation and Transformation Coach, her guidance has helped people find their true purpose in life. Being trained by celebrated author and celebrity coach Tony Robbins and renowned American author and co-founder of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Richard Bandler, Dr Navnedhi Waddhwa desires to share the knowledge with other beings.


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