The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 4: Netizens Upset with John Walker’s Captain America, Feel He Kills Everything Steve Rogers Stood For

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Ep 4 begins with a flashback. Bucky, sporting long hair, is with Ayo, the Dora Milaje soldier who confronted him in the last episode, as she arrives from Wakanda for Zemo. The flashback Bucky is being helped by Ayo, who enunciates the words that earlier would have turned him into a stone-cold killer. He does not, well, turn into a stone-cold killer, indicating that his mind is free from Hydra’s influence. Shuri is to be thanked. What actually shocked the MCU fans was the episode ending that nobody expected it to be dark and depressing. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Video of Daniel Bruhl’s Baron Zemo Dancing For One Hour is Released and That’s The Marvel Treat You Need Today!

It is John Walker who consumes the super-soldier serum and his close friend Lemar, who had escaped, is killed by Karli in the battle. Sam and Bucky leave to pursue the escaping Flag-Smashers as Walker loses it. He goes outside in pursuit and comes across one of Karli’s men. He proceeds to kill one by repeatedly slamming the vibranium shield on his chest on the wide street as people watch and record the video in public. The episode ends with bloodstains all over Captain America’s shield which is making the Marvel fans absolutely furious. Every show fan on Twitter is making comparison of John Walker’s Captain America with that of Steve Rogers. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: 5 Important Easter Eggs That You Should Not Ignore From The First Three Episodes!

A Twitter user wrote “I honestly love what they’re doing here. it shows that symbols are a reflection of who’s carrying them. with these two captain Americas, the shield has a different meaning. john walker is everything that steve rogers didn’t want to be.” While another one said “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 4 is Marvel at its most realistic & Marvel at its most disturbing. Lots of emotional moments that we needed to see as fans, the Dora Milaje are BADASS, & Walker SUCKS now more than ever. The final shot is legitimately frightening.”

Fans Angry at John Walker’s Captain America:

John Is Exactly the Opposite of Steve?


The Best Episode So Far!

John Walker Is No Way Near Steve Rogers

Reaction of Many Marvel Fans After Watching This Episode


How It Is Going!

Ep 4 End Scene

Marvel Fans can’t get over Steve Rogers and in the early episode, they expressed their anger when John Walker steps up to be the new Captain America. However, it will be interesting to see will John’s shield be taken away by the government following his ferocious act and now that he become a super-soldier will he co-operate with Sam and Bucky to take down Karli will come to know in Episode 5.


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