CDC updates guidance to cruise ship industry, urges vaccinations

CDC updates guidance to cruise ship industry, urges vaccinations

On Friday, the US CDC issued a new guidance to the cruise ship sector, including a need for coronavirus vaccinations, a mandatory step before the passenger operations can resume.

This technical guidance is the latest update since last October. It includes expanding the coronavirus illnesses and cases reporting frequency from weekly update to daily and implementing a routine testing for all the crew members depending on the coronavirus status of a ship and creating a plan for vaccinating the port and crew personnel.

The efforts for coronavirus vaccination would be crucial in the protected resumption of the passenger voyages, said the CDC.


The next condition sail order of the CDC would include simulated sails to allow port and crew personnel practice the new coronavirus operational processes with the volunteers before voyaging with the passengers, said the fed agency.

The CDC, in its conditional sail order issued in October, said that it is committed to working along with the seaport partners and cruise industry to resume work when its safe doing so.

It didn’t specify any date for resumption of the cruise operations that function from the US ports. The CDC said that it would issue further guidance prior to allowing cruises to start their operations.


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