Rainey Qualley’s favorite accessories for spring

Rainey Qualley's favorite accessories for spring

Ever-busy singer, songwriter, actress, model and Bulgari ambassador Rainey Qualley has a list of gigs as broad as her vocal range. The versatile performer, whose stage name is Rainsford, released four singles with music videos last year, starred in a TV miniseries called “Love in the Time of Corona” (also crooning its theme song), and … Read more

Venusia and the Rise of Model and Influencer NFTs

Venusia and the Rise of Model and Influencer NFTs

Throughout history, erotic content has been at the forefront of technological innovation.  In the 1980s and 90s, the VHS tape was the primary vessel through which individuals viewed pornography.  As one millennium ended and the next began, the internet revolution created new gateways to salacious pictures and videos.  And it was one that didn’t entail … Read more

The Morning After – The Madison Leader Gazette

The Morning After

If you were left cold by the PlayStation 5-themed sneakers that broke cover earlier this week, maybe you need Adidas’ 3D-printed , the latest model from its running division. Created in partnership with 3D printing company , Adidas’ 4D bowtie-lattice pattern is designed to turn the vertical forces of your feet into forward motion. Adidas … Read more

Microsoft is finally ditching its Windows 95-era icons

Microsoft is finally ditching its Windows 95-era icons

Microsoft is finally preparing to refresh its Windows 95-era icons. The software giant has been slowly improving the icons it uses in Windows 10, as part of a “sweeping visual rejuvenation” planned for later this year. We saw a number of new system icons back in March, with new File Explorer, folder, Recycle Bin, disk … Read more

Britney Spears Will Not Ask the Judge To End Her Conservatorship in Next Month’s Hearing – Reports

Britney Spears To Open Up About the Status of Her Conservatorship at Los Angeles Court Hearing

Grammy award-winning singer Britney Spears will not ask the judge to end the conservatorship in next month’s hearing, but on her prerogative, her primary focus is to remove her father Jamie Spears from the case. TMZ has learned from Britney’s close sources that the songstress does not feel trapped in the 13-year-old conservatorship after her … Read more

EA acquires ‘Super Mega Baseball’ developer Metalhead

Mariella Moon

The Super Mega Baseball franchise will now be part of EA Sports’ offerings. Electronic Arts has revealed that it has acquired Metalhead Software, the Canada-based video game developer behind the series. In their announcement, the companies said they’ll expand the Super Mega Baseball franchise and will also develop brand new gaming and sports experiences together.  … Read more